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Your smart travel assistant

Difficulty in remembering your whereabouts? Interested in how many miles you travelled last week? What routes you took with what mode of transport? Get insight in your personal travel behaviour with Routes. See the routes you travelled and the places you have been. Get an overview of which public and personal transport you typically use and what your frequent places are. And that in an automated way!

Routes is for free and comes without advertisements.


Routes provides you with a complete overview of all your movements from door-to-door throughout the day. Handy as a memory, help for employer driven trip registration or as input for the smart travel choice. For example if you would like to travel more sustainable.


You don't have to switch Routes on or off all the time. Just install once and Go. Your trips appear automatically. Routes even automatically fills in, as good as possible, the transportation mode you used.


Routes shows where you have been around. How many miles you travelled exactly. How long you have been in that bar or museum. Fun to know or recall for yourself or others. Maybe it can change your travel behaviour for the better?!

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How does it work?

Install and Go

Install Routes and log in. Routes then starts working for you in the background. You don't have to switch Routes on or off. Your trips appear automatically. Note that Routes only works outdoor. Routes uses the sensors of your iPhone combined with intelligent analysis software to track how you travel. Next to that Routes searches the Internet for available photos of the places where you have been. In this way travel memories and recognitions are kept alife. Routes offers a personal travel overview throughout each day. Easily to recall using the calendar function in the App. With personal statistics of your travel behaviour in the past.

Your own diary made complete

Routes is a personal travel diary, that assists you in archiving your travels. Because Routes works automatically very short trips might be missed by Routes. Sometimes Routes is also uncertain over what mode of transport you have used and can provide a wrong result. In these cases you can easily correct this error using the small pencil pictogram at the trip detail section. The App learns from these adjustments leading to less mistakes by the system in time. Isn't there a nice photo available fitting your trip? Take your own photo and add it to your diary and make your travel history complete.

For your eyes only

The travel diary is meant for you. Details on where, when and how you travel are for your eyes only. Routes guarantees your privacy in this and will not share personal data with third parties. Because Routes is for personal use you have to log in. For convenience, you must use your FaceBook credentials for this. As long as you don't log out, this log in is once. Becasue of the FaceBook login, personal details like your name remain unknown to us. That adds to your privacy.

You're in control

You can decide to let Routes stop or pause registering your movements any time. Use the Settings menu in the App for that. When the tracking is stopped no trips will be stored in your travel overview and become part of your travel statistics.

Beware of battery consumption

Routes is the convenient, smart travel help. Because Routes needs to measure if you move and how you move, the App consumes battery power. We recommend at least nightly charging. With typical phone use, a smartphone running Routes should have enough battery power to last all day.

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Grip on personal mobility

Routes would like to help to make you aware of your travel behaviour. Routes shows the facts!

General statistics

What travel modes do you use most often and what distance and time do you cover for that mode?

Frequent places

What places do you visit most often and how for how long?


More locationss

See all the places you have neen. Zoom in for a specific place. You also see then how often you have been there since you started using Routes.

Travel smarter

Obdurate car driver? See if you can travel in a more sustainable way. For example using public tranport. Or choose the active way, especially for the shorter distances. For example by bicyling or plain walking!

About Routes

Routes is an initiative of Moop, Province of Gelderland, the Netherlands and Mobidot.